Semi-private training consists of two or more players. During these sessions players will learn and perform ball handling, passing, shooting, and defensive drills with numerous repetitions to help improve their skill sets at a rapid pace. Semi-private is very valuable as we give players the opportunity to compete against one another using the new skills introduced during the session.



Private Training

One on One training is an excellent way to improve a player's skill set. In the one on one sessions we work to inspire players while helping them discover their strengths and weaknesses. We then educate, and instruct them on how to improve with and without our training.


Our team training workouts focus on mental toughness, physical endurance, skill development, communication, and accountability. We work to give teams vision, and the understanding that they are a part of something very special.

Sport Specific Athletic training

Our Sport Specific Training includes Strength,  endurance, balance, mind and flexibility components. When designing a program for our athletes we work to not only help them become more athletic, but to also educate them on the importance of injury preventative excercise as well as rest and recovery.